"Phil’s photos of live performances capture the true experience of the music. His expert eye and friendly rapport with the artists make his photos insightful and personal, and makes working with him an absolute joy."

- Deana McCloud, Woody Guthrie Center

"Phil has a compassionate sense for space and light, his work is compositionally flawless, and he consistently delivers a product which accurately describes the architecture as if you were experiencing it first hand."

- Casey A Hargave, Childers Architect

"Phil is first and foremost a music lover and a really great human being. When it comes to music, he “gets it”. I think that shines through in his work. He understand what is happening onstage with the interaction between musicians, and he’s able to capture special moments and energy that are as much about feel as technique."

- Brian Horton, Horton Records

"You can feel the moment when you look at a photograph taken by Phil. He captures the spirit and love of our events like no other."

- Sara Jones, Deadhead Productions